(To the air of “The Wearing of the Green”)

Here’s three cheers for North Tipperary boys

Those heroes brave and true,

Who showed themselves in every field

That ever they went to.

And here now in their praises

I will pen those simple lines,

All honour to the famous club

The Sporting Silvermines.

For everyone before them came

They have all nobly beat,

The big city too of Dublin

Their defeat they won’t forget.

Their medals nobly carried home

With cheers along the line,

No city club could ever drub

The Boys from the Silvermines.

St. Patrick’s Day, those heroes gay

They were not at a loss,

They met that day without delay

The club from Holycross.

It was a grand and glorious sight

The sun did brightly shine,

And cheers around they did resound

For the Sporting Silvermines.

Holycross men hurled manfully

But still they did give in,

Long well twill be remembered

By many a broken shin.

The Silver Cup they did give up

The palm they did resign,

To gallant North Tipperary

And the Sporting Silvermines.

They played for fame to hold their name

And honoured is their shield,

The cup they won through play and fun

Before they left the field.


They gave it to Fr. Cunningham

That hero brave and true,

For he was always at their head

And he could hurl too.

For while our priest is at our head

We will beat the world wide,

For steam you know will drive the boat

In spite of wind or tide.

So now away to Canada

A challenge is gone o’er,

From the sporting club of the Silvermines

The pride of Erin’s shore.

Let the Yankee now his courage show

And meet us any time,

For I tell you they are sporting boys,

The Club from Silvermines.

So long life to Fr. Cunningham

Long may he thrive and win,

Also the club from Silvermines

Each field that they go in.

So each true heart before we part

Fill up your cup with wine,

That we have won and shout “Well done”,

Brave boys from Silvermines

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