Go out the road from Nenagh town,

And climb the hill that leads to Glown,

Pause when you reach the mountain’s crown,

And gaze ‘round at the splendour.

The valley that is Glenculoo,

The Arra hills of purple hue,

Lough Derg reflecting skies of blue,

Are wonders to be seen there.

The village of the Silvermines,

That nestles ‘neath the sheltering pines,

Where fallow deer without confines,

Consume the verdant green there.

The shining homes and tumbling shacks,

That stand beside the mountain tracks,

Have generous folks whose thoughts and acts,

Were never known as mean there.

See Keeper, towering, white cloud plumed,

Bedecked with heather, brown, perfumed,

Should your life span be near consumed,

Don’t die, until you’ve been there.

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