Dolla Talk on ‘Rural Electrification’

Rural Electrification 1946-1975

Silvermines Historical Society is pleased to present an evening talk on Rural Electrification 1946-1975.  The talk will be given by Michael Hanly, a member of the SHS, and will take place in the Eagle’s Nest, Dolla at 8pm on Tursday 9th March.  All are welcome.

The evening will consider how ‘Rural Electrification’ came about, the pioneers who promoted the idea, the plan as proposed, the ‘white paper’ and state support, the area selection process, the local parish input, the believers and doubters, the costs, the most sought after appliances and the Area switch-in. This and more records from many local Areas in Tipp and elsewhere.

Michael, from the Silvermines Parish, and proud to always be associated with the parish and with Tipp, especially when it comes to hurling. During his working life (to date), he worked in every county in Ireland with ESB, not only in Generating Stations but also on the Transmission and Distribution Networks. Michael has also worked with ESB International in countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Russia, Poland, Israel/Palestine and the UK. Michael has also been on the Board of ETCI (the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland) for more than 25 years and was its Chairman from 2010 to 2012.

Delighted to talk about the Electrification of Rural Ireland and the difference it made to its people.




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